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Official Game Thread: Maryland-UNC

It's gameday again for the Terps, who visit North Carolina in another big ACC contest at noon. Click HERE to join the official Terps-Tar Heels in-game thread.

  • He dominated another lottery pick in the first game of the season with a ton of scouts watching. Thats all that matters.

  • The more I watch this team against decent competition, the more concerned I have become.

    The effort is questionable at times, the turnovers are ridiculous and the outside shooting has really cooled off in ACC play. The inability to execute simple offensive sets is difficult to comprehend. It's mid-January, not mid-November.

    The fact that this team doesn't look any better than last year's team despite only losing Stogs and Parker and adding Wells, the stud freshmen plus an entire offseason for the returning players to improve is most alarming to me.

    It's hard to see this team going any better than 10-8 in the ACC and winning a game in the ACC tournament. I highly doubt that gets us into the NCAA tournament, and I think 10-8 might even be optimistic at this point.

  • Just got back from the game. Was sitting in the parent section and the level of frustration is mounting greatly. Tons of complaints that the offensive sets are very repetitive and the defense knows exactly what is coming. The bigs are posting way too close to the baseline and the guards do not flash hard enough to draw the defense away. That being said, hit a couple of wide open 3's and it is a different game. My biggest disappointment was we were never in the game. Losing is one thing but I feel like I just wasted the last 24 hours watching that display. Oh well, on to BC.

  • Honestly, the offensive sets are very repetitive and the players STILL can't run them right. Turge certainly isn't blameless in all of this but the players need to listen and start paying attention. The effort to 50-50 balls today was less than desireable, and I'll leave it at that.

    I know Turge really likes this group, but the fact that they came out of a timeout 4 separate times in the NC State game and couldn't run the play he diagrammed in the timeout makes me really wonder how much he could possibly be enjoying this group. That's unacceptable at pretty basic high school level ball, and even younger travel team/AAU ball to a degree.

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  • We are starting to look like a poorly coached team.
    - lack of hustle! Can't Turge get these guys inspired to give 100% effort all the time
    - just what kind of offense does Turge teach? Too many times we have 4 guys standing still giving the guy with the ball very few options. It must be so easy to play defense against the Terps.
    - we have had two ACC road games and the freshman, in particular, do not look like they should be on the floor. Were these freshman grossly overated? Granted we already know that the upperclassmen, PeShon and Padgett are mediocre at best.
    - Turge needs to stop sulking on the bench and show some fire, especially after turnovers and after the "leaving the ACC" screw job we are getting from the officials.

    It seems that Turge has taught them how to play defense. But after all the games that have been played, I would hope that a head coach would have a starting line-up and rotation in place by now. The substitution patterns are getting ridiculous. Are we starting to see signs that our head coach is a million dollar recruiter with a 10 cent mind for in game coaching?

  • I'm praying this is just a frosh,sophomore thing, and not indicative of turgeons abilities. Sigh

    "Turgeon has 3 key guys on current roster - Allen, Dez, and Jake - that have not improved." -Orioleterp

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