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Thanks Terps for not sh*tting the bed!

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    "When you have good kids, it's easier to recruit good kids. When you have a bunch of turds, it's easier to recruit turds."

  • Exactly!The 3rd game in as many days against a strong team playing in there second game. We looked tired in the second half but fought through it and to be honest, I thought later in the second half., NC looked as tired if not more so. They dug deeper and almost pulled it out. All of them played with a lot of heart and MT coached a very good game and tourney. Very bright future for MD. Dez is a beast and the heart of the team, Shaq and Chuck are well on their way, Layman has played so well and has sooo much potential, Nick turned it on again at the end of the year and will hopefully come out next year at this level and grow, Seth played well and can hit the long and get to the rim around anyone. I said earlier in the year that most ACL athletes take a year to get back to full speed and Pe started to show signs of increasing confidence and ability. What we add and this is a great start to MT's reign.