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NC State coach Mark Gottfried talks Terps

  • NC State is coming off an emotional, upset win over No. 1 Duke, 84-76, but players aren't harping on Saturday's victory, according to coach Mark Gottfried.

    Gottfried previewed Wednesday's game between the Terps and Wolfpack on the ACC Teleconference. Here's some of what he had to say.

    On having a letdown after Saturday's win over Duke.

    “No. We’ve got four returning starters that have been through this league. I think they’re very well aware of the fact that each game counts as one game. Saturday was fun, but it’s one win and that’s all. Now you’ve got to do it again 15 times. We’ve got an 18 game schedule for 18 different opportunities. Since we have veteran players, that should not be a factor for us.”

    On Maryland.

    “First of all, we’ve got a tough road game at Maryland. I think they’re much improved from a year ago watching film on those guys. With Wells and Len’s improvement inside, you’ve got two elite-level players. We’ve got a tough test on Wednesday.”

    On if his team is playing better now than they were at the beginning of the season.

    “I hope that we’re doing things better. Hopefully, each year, your team improves throughout the year. There’s a period at the beginning of the season when your team is learning how to play and play effectively … That takes a little while sometimes to come together. I do think we’re better than we were early.”

    On his players' familiarity with Dez Wells, who is from Raleigh, N.C.

    “That probably helps. Players, when they know eachother, they usually know their games. I think that works the other way too with Dez. He knows our guys pretty good too. That becomes a factor a little bit at times.”

    On if he thought Wells was seriously considering NC State after he left Xavier.

    “We certainly looked into it, and I think he’s a great player. He made a good decision and it’s worked out well for him. But we were certainly involved in that.”

  • SATerp

    He's got a hard sell that we'll be a tough opponent.

  • Not sure that there is anything more insulting than Gottfried patronizing your basketball program.