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Final Four

  • this is definitely one of the events you all need to get to, if you haven't yet. Got in last night and went to the dunk contest, which was a lot more fun than I imagined. Today they had open practices, and the Syracuse cheerleaders were nice enough to take pics with a ton of fans. Unfortunately, the Cubs were in town, so I wasted too much of my evening watching them, however I did make it back downtown in time to see the last 5 minutes of the free Zac Brown concert. Tomorrow Ludacris, Macklemore, Muse, among others, are giving a free show. I'm a big loser and don't really do the party/club scene, so that's why I'm posting now, but I imagine if you are into that you would have a lot more fun than just me. Saw Gary at the Westin bar after the ZBB. Good times. Next year in Dallas should be interesting since, from what I hear, the stadium is nowhere near anything. Nice in New Orleans, Indy, and Atlanta everything is all so close to each other.

  • The first Final Four I go to is the next one Maryland is in. Same with the Superbowl and the Redskins.

  • Are you content with the fact that you will never go to a final 4 or SB in your life?

  • If it is a cost issue, I'll say a FF is FAR more affordable to get to. Moreso when there is a midmajor with a small fanbase playing (Donated $200 to Wichita State on Tuesday, ordered 4 tickets, picked up 4 lower level tickets yesterday, sold my championship game tickets for $255 each, so as long as I get at least $100 per ticket on my lowers for tomorrow, I should be alright.

    And really Saturday night is the toughest thing. Monday's tickets are a breeze. I got 3 last year for the championship game for $30 each. Saturday you probably will pay in the $250-$350 range via secondhand site or brokers, but everyone has extras for the championship. I've been given free tickets to the championship game before. You could easily make a FF trip for under a thousand.

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  • Curious. Do you go solo to all these sporting events?

    Im ready for aa 5th of vodica to end my feels.

  • sometimes I'm solo, sometimes I meet up with someone. I stayed with a friend Wednedsay night on my way down, he was coming also, but I drove separate. He's a coach, so he is doing some of the convention stuff, I'm more doing a vacation, but I met up with him for a few hours today, probably grab lunch with him tomorrow. Last year I went solo and met a friend at the airport, he couldn't stay, but he introduced me to some friends of his who live like 2 blocks from the Superdome and had a sofa I could crash on. I went to the games by myself but still chilled with them somewhat during the other stuff.

    I enjoy both. It's nice being able to set my own schedule and do what I want when I want, like leaving the Cubs game early tonight. I'm also a lot more likely to talk to new people and make more connections...I walked into a job opportunity last weekend in DC at the Cuse/Marquette game, no way I do that if I was with a friend. But for the longer events it can be nice to have someone to get a bite to eat with.

  • Not a cost issue, I've just always been sentimental about things like this.

  • Right there with you. A Super Bowl sans Skins would be horrendous. A bunch of over-priced, congested tourist attractions. Yuck.

  • Pretty poor quality trolling here.

    The odds are extremely good that a Skins SB and Terps F4 both happen in the next 50 years

  • I gotcha. I think I used to have the mindset, and then I realized UVA's never getting to a FF or BCSCG so I said screw it. My first big event was 2002 in Atlanta. I didn't even like MD or IU at the time.

  • I had a friend (Steeler fan) go to XL, and after hearing about his trip I decided I would go the next time the Bears make or in ten years, whichever happened first. Bears made it the next year, so that was cool, except I was only 20 and in school so I went into a bunch of debt to make that trip happen. Was close to going last year, definitely not going this year (unless the Bears make it), but 2015 is a possibility, we will see how it all works out.

    I was kinda in shock I got to see the Bears in a super bowl, so that took a bit of sting off the loss, but if I went to a Super Bowl now, and watched the Bears lose, I'd be pissed. Much rather go as a neutral fan and just enjoy it for what it is. Of course seeing your team win is the best possible outcome, just saying leave the option open.

  • Very good chance that Dan Snyder is still the owner in 50 years

  • FWIW, you can go for free to the Div II and III men's finals on Sunday too.

    You missed out by not seeing My Morning Jacket last night. They tore the non-existant roof off of Centennial Park. I might check out Muse and then some of Sunday's shows too.

    I saw some dude wearing a Dixon jersey yesterday walking with a kid in a Dook jersey. I pulled him aside and told him he was making us look bad by hanging out with "that asshole"

    Also, Atlanta seems to be killing this. I'm really impressed with how they're handling this event.

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  • yea I would have loved to have seen that. Going to a (free) luncheon at noon at the Hilton today. I'll probably catch some of Luda and Muse today, Would love to go to the games tomorrow, as well as the concerts, but gotta work on Monday so I can't go. First time I've only done the semis. Saw a guy in a Bias jersey at the practices, was that any of you all?

  • nope. If I go tonight I think I'll wear my Dixon jersey tho. Seemed like about the only place I'd ever wear it outside of my living room for big games.

  • That is correct, the stadium is out in Arlington which has the Rangers Ballpark and Six Flags nearby, but not much more. And there is not much of a transit option to help as well. Probably looking at least 15 miles either way to get to Dallas or Fort Worth.

  • eamhokie94

    Should we be expecting an "Eat Shit, Jay" sign anywhere?

    classlessthug: I have too much on my plate to worry about the fact that my junk intimidates some needle D undergrad.

  • Is it worth getting FF tickets a year ahead of time through the NCAA? I always wondered what kind of seats you would get. I'm sure not great seats, but maybe decent?

  • eamhokie94

    I work under the assumption that getting sporting event tickets directly from the event is NEVER a good idea. That's why bowl game ticket sales are misleading because smart fans don't get it through their teams.

    classlessthug: I have too much on my plate to worry about the fact that my junk intimidates some needle D undergrad.

  • I usually get tickets thru the NCAA for the opening rounds (I was at Philly this year) and the seats are decent, that's why I was wondering about the FF. But yea, I figured they would probably be in the nosebleed seats and not worth it.

  • this is what is available through the lottery. Do not want.

    Unknown Titlke

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  • It'll probably get lost in here, but there was a funny moment from the Final Four concert series yesterday. In between acts (Grace Potter & the Nocturnals and Sting), they had local DJs or someone else I don't know come out and try to entertain the crowd. (Barkley and Greg Anthony joined them at times with giant tighty whiteys).

    Anyway, this is relevant because it was said to more than 100,000 people.

    This guy was trying to gauge who in the crowd was from what school. After saying the Final Four schools, he mentioned Marquette, OSU, Dook and then UNC. Then he goes, "ok, who here is from Maryland? You guys are the only fanbase that has probably been booing every single other school."

    That was the list.


    edit: he might have mentioned a few local SEC schools too. But didn't even mention GTech which was within walking distance. LOL

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  • I've attended multiple Final Fours (both with Maryland playing in it and not). It's a great event. Atlanta does a good job since the arena/stadium is downtown and walking distance to bars/restaurants/hotels, etc.

  • bnyman

    Yes, the lottery seats are Bob Uecker seats (OWG).

    Word of advice for next year -- get a toll pass with your rental or find out how to pay the tolls in advance!!!