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The average amt spent on prom this yr was $1139 per person?

  • Girls definitely increase this number. No way I've spent half of this the two proms I've been to combined (though, neither was my own, so dinner, tickets, alcohol don't apply here)

  • The whole prom process was pretty much surreal. The asking, the prep, the experience, the denouement.

    My junior year, I didn't wanna worry. So I asked out a friend who was fun and cute, but in whom I had no interest whatsoever. It was the ultimate no-worries, nothing but fun experience. We had a great time at the post-party/ crash afterwards, and I got some with one of the other girls I had turned down for yrs because of Sr yr girl. Just a great time. Only stress was when some dipshit in my class called me a couple wks after we had it set up in order to ask me to UN-ask her to prom, b/c he really wanted to go with her. WTF? The girl I asked ended up actually being at Duke with me, and is still one of my favorite people.

    My senior year, I put myself out there for the possibility of total emasculation and asked out the girl I'd had a crush on for more than 2 yrs, but had never had the balls to ask out (turning down a number of other ones in the process). She was the starting PF on the basketball team, and just about the cutest and funniest girl ever. My basketball-obsessed a$$ saw the possibility of popping out numerous 6-6 shooting guards with her, as I'd always felt that my possibility for a cbb career was held back by not being at least 6-5 (lol yeah, I was pretty warped). She said 'yes.' I got her a dozen roses, complete with what I thought was a profound passage from the then-newly-released 'Achtung Baby' album. I was nervous all night. We had a great time, but she was waaaayyyy too religious to ever do anything (this girl actually got me to attend FCA meetings -- ME. AT FCA MEETINGS!!), and let's not pretend -- whatever she was looking for , I wasn't it. Nothing ever came of it. She ended up going to Clemson and has like 3 kids with exceedingly Biblical names...

    Edit -- holy crap. I just realized that I mixed up my Jr and Sr proms. Oops. Correction made.

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  • I must have been the cheapest prom spender ever.

    Mine were 1997 and 1998, but I think our tickets were $25 apiece, the tux was $75-$100, my friend's mom was a florist who made our corsages at cost, and I never rented a limo. Junior year I went to dinner at a decent place with friends, but when you're 17 and not buying drinks at restaurants, that's not expensive. Senior year, my date and I had dinner with my three best friends and their dates, and our parents basically did a steak dinner for us, which was awesome.

  • We actually had a fancy picnic at Piedmont Park for our Senior prom, and it was great.