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Streaming media players

  • Edit: Sorry, just found the old threads about this very topic.

    My wife and I are looking at ways to reduce our monthly bills. One of the targets is our Fios bill. $166 (after taxes) for TV, phone, and internet. I've started to look into the streaming media players (Boxee, Roku, Apple TV, and Google TV). Has anyone ditched their cable/fios tv service and gone solely with one of these services? What's been your experience? I realize you'd lose a lot of sports. I'd also be ok with hooking up an antenna for local stations, though I'd have to find a digital converter for one of our three TVs.

    Also, I'd probably want to subscribe to hulu plus or netflix. I don't want this to turn into netflix versus hulu plus, though I suspect I'd go with hulu plus since we're more tv watchers than movie watchers. Do these devices that give you hulu plus also give you stuff that's on regular hulu? That may be a stupid question, but I'm looking through hulu plus' list of tv shows, and I don't see The View, which is a showstopper for my wife. She also likes a few shows on E! which I'm not seeing either on the roku or on hulu plus.

    Google TV will take a signal from your existing cable/satellite STB and stream it. I assume it's not using the raw signal, that you still need a STB and that google tv will change the channel on that box the same way a tivo does when you hook it up with a STB? And that this won't work with just an antenna? Guessing it doesn't have its own tuner. Also, Google TV doesn't have hulu plus yet, from what I understand.

    This would be my ideal box. Start with google tv. Add at least the big three of amazon, netflix, and hulu plus. Add youtube (no flash, which I understand is buggy on the google tv devices, but use the h.264/webm+vp8 stream). Optionally add a digital tuner with cable card slot so you can use it to tune either an OTA signal or a cable or satellite signal. Optionally add a DVR to record shows that have come in OTA/satellite/cable. Probably don't need a blu-ray player as you can hook a cheap one up straight to your tv. Since Google TV gives you program listings for free, the only services you'd be paying for are any optional services you add (like hulu plus or netflix), plus a cable/satellite subscription if you were using this in addition to your tv service (but you're now saving some $15-$20/month on the box and paying some $4 for a cablecard). This would be 4 models, or 2 if you bundle the tuner/cablecard and the DVR, since you're really building an on-demand box and having OTA/cable/satellite doesn't give you on-demand by itself without a DVR.

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