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Lost Mafia - Day 9 ends 430pm

  • Welcome to Lost Mafia. The rules are generally the same as in all of my other games, but I will make a few notes/reminders. Rounds end at 10:30:59, not at 10:30. OT starts immediately and lasts for ten minutes. If it is not decided after ten minutes, a RNG will determine who dies.

    In this game, your role is what it says. There are no secret components to any role.

    There are 28 players. 7 mafia members in the same mafia, 1 independent, and 20 civilians. It is possible for those numbers to change slightly but not much. The independent is universally hostile. His win condition is that he must eliminate all mafia and have 1 or fewer civilians left to win.

    A unique note: it is possible for the civilians to still win in certain situations even if it's 2 mafia 2 civs at the end. For that reason, mafia wins when civilians cannot mathematically win. Read that again. If civilians can still win, I will not call the end of the game. Not many roles will meet this description, but there are a few that will.

    Next, mafia has been given safe claims. These claims are of SIGNIFICANT characters. Believe role claims at your own peril. Do not assume that I included someone just because they are a major character. Last warning on that front.

    QT and Hooligan will be modding in my stead the first few rounds. I should be able to check in intermittently if you have questions they can't answer. There will probably be a miscommunication at some point. Do your best to deal with it. Thanks in advance. There will be 3 standard deadlines a day, probably at 1030/130/430.

    I don't care if you reference the mod in the thread so long as you aren't quoting from a PM or violating your role in some other way. Know I will be equally likely to respond in thread regardless of your alignment.

    Everyone received a PM. If you didn't, let me know. Other than that, enjoy. Day1 begins now and ends at 10:30AM Monday. PM me with any questions regarding your role.

    Clock -

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    HoopheadVII: "Guess you won't say, "Sorry I'm a little off today" anytime again soon; Eaglesception is a bitch"

  • 1. gsterp - Jack, civ safe house, hit night 3
    Jack is the de facto leader of the Flight 815 survivors, often making decisions for the group whether it was to their benefit or not. Jack famously stated “if we don’t learn to live together, we’re going to die alone.” Taking this to heart, you have the option to function as a safe house at night this game, protecting multiple players if you so choose, putting a lot of players’ well-being in your hands. At night, you can add or remove a player to the safe house (you cannot do both on the same night). So long as they are under your protection, they cannot be hit at night. However, if you, as the leader, die at night, so does everyone in your safe house. You can only have 3 people in the house at one time. Because you were often at odds with Locke over leadership of the island, and because Jacob’s leadership supersedes your own, neither of them can be added to the safe house.

    2. Bklyn
    3. Awards - Juliet, hit night 5, civ
    Juliet had a tumultuous existence of the island. Originally a part of the Others, Juliet defects and joins the survivors of Flight 815. The most important contribution Juliet made during the show was to dislodge them from the past. After falling down a shaft and left for dead, Juliet detonated a small nuke. Here after you're killed and left for dead by the rest of the game you will be allowed to vote one more time as if you were silenced (no other text) in the following round as one last potential FU to the mafia/island. This could certainly be rather beneficial as a confirmed civ vote late in the game...

    4. Da - Nikki, civ, dies in the safe house night 3
    The centerpiece of arguably the most despised Lost episode and perhaps the low point for the show, your existence served no other purpose. You are a vanilla civ.

    5. Historicus - Walt, mafia recruit, lynched day 8

    6. Gooner

    7. UTF - Mikhail, mafia, lynched day 7

    8. WSDB - Charlie, civ, lynched day 2
    Charlie arrives to the island as a heroin addict from his days in his rock band. He becomes fiercely protective of Claire and her newborn, Aaron, while on the island. You will serve as Claire's personal BG at night. You will not kill the hitter who attacks, but will die in Claire's stead. If Claire somehow dies while you remain alive you will become despondent and relapse, being allowed to make no more than two posts the following two rounds. You may not explain you have this posting restriction.

    9. Romanov - Daniel Faraday/gf searcher lynched day1
    A brilliant physicist, Faraday is the son of both Charles Widmore and Eloise Hawking. You will search at night for your estranged father. You have knowledge that he is the gf of the mafia and otherwise undetectable via investigation. Because you have theories which effectively deal with the island's many mysteries you are immune to any roleblocking or occurrences within the game which would impair your search for Widmore.
    10. Raise

    11. FTN - Ben, mafia, lynched day 6
    Ben is the primary antagonist for most of Lost, though at various times he seems to believe he's functioning on behalf of the island. Ben actually moved the island to prevent it from being detected. Once at night after night 3 you can move the entire island which functions to block any non-mafia moves unless the person is immune from roleblocking. Ben also locked up Jack/Kate/Sawyer is polar bear cages for a portion of season3. You'll get the ability to block one player at night once during the game (one individual roleblock). [redacted]

    12. Hammer - John Locke, civ, hit night 2
    Locke was the Flight 815 survivor who was most “in tune” with the Island and had faith in its capabilities to deliver great things regardless of the circumstances. He was aptly considered a “man of faith” to counter Jack’s “man of reason”. The island cured John of his paralysis and he always believed in it to provide him with answers ever after that. Your faith will be put to the test here, as you start with no abilities, and instead, merely wait for the island to deliver you something of use. While you cannot select the role of the cop if he is no longer living, starting on night 4 you can select the role of any other dead CIVILIAN and the island will impart you with that person’s power. Anyone lynched or hit the first three days is capable of selection. From then on, you will continue with their ability, a gift from the island for your faith if you will.

    13. JMan - Rose, civ, died with oriolekid day 3
    Bernard and Rose have no interest in any of the goings on on the Island other than being with each other. They seem perfectly content to even die so long as it's with the other. You two will be able to communicate outside the thread. Both of you are civilians. However, true to their wishes, if one dies, so will the other.

    14. GAt
    15. 7erps
    16. Damo - Man in Black, independent, hit night 4
    Man in Black - The Man in Black is referred to as the Devil on the show, seeking to kill the survivors of flight 815 and find a way off the island. He appears primarily early on as the smoke monster. It becomes clear later that the smoke monster is capable of impersonating any person dead on the island. Starting night 3 you can inhabit the body of a dead player each round/night. The following night you will be given their power to use. You cannot inhabit the same person's body on consecutive nights. To be clear: you can only use the powers they still possessed at the time of their death - meaning if a civ vig died but had already used their vig hit then it is unavailable for you to use. You are unable to be killed at night while you are in smoke form the first three nights. You are granted a vig hit to use at night one of the first three nights as the smoke monster. Seeing as your goal is to get off the island on your own, you win alone, and must kill everyone or be in a 1-1 situation with a civ at endgame to win. Mr Eko is looking for you and you are immune from being roleblocked in any form.

    17. easy - Illana, civ, vig hit night 5
    You arrived to the island at the request of Jacob and appeared to have a great deal of importance and meaning…except, you didn’t. Nothing ever developed of your character, or of the group you brought with you to the island. While you worked with Jacob and are therefore a civ, you otherwise have no other meaningful powers.

    18. Toogs - Keamy, mafia, lynched day 5
    Keamy arrives to the island season 4 on the freighter leading a group of mercenaries employed by Charles Widmore. His goal is to capture Ben but he is more than willing and able to execute any and everything in his way. Seeing as you arrived season 4 and are a vicious fighter, you will be given one vig hit to use at night on any night starting night 4 so long as you're still alive.

    19. Oriolekid - Bernard, civ, AA'd day 3
    Bernard and Rose have no interest in any of the goings on on the Island other than being with each other. They seem perfectly content to even die so long as it's with the other. You two will be able to communicate outside the thread. Both of you are civilians. However, true to their wishes, if one dies, so will the other.

    20. Terp2009 - Anthony Cooper, mafia, lynched day 3
    Locke's dad and an expert conman, Cooper is arguably responsible for off-island misery of both Sawyer and Locke. Because Locke could never stand up to you directly, you are immune to any night actions taken by him directed at you. However, as you ultimately met your demise brutally at Sawyer's hands, any hit made by you on Sawyer will fail.

    21. Smiley - Richard, civ, killed by smoke monster night1
    Seemingly ageless, Richard worked directly for Jacob for many years. [redacted] Because you picked Jacob over the Man in Black, you are immune from being possessed.

    22. Fox - Desmond, civ hit night 7

    23. Titan - Jin, civ, hit night 8

    24. Knight - Sawyer, bg, hit night1.
    James “Sawyer” Ford seems like bad guy when he first arrives on the island, with a checkered history as a conman. He seems only interested in antagonizing and making fun of others at first. However, as the show progressed, so did Sawyer’s maturation to the point where he eventually functions regularly in a leadership role. Due to this evolution the first 3 nights if you’re investigated you will come back “mafia”. Because you are actually rather selfless at heart, as evidenced by when you jumped out of the helicopter so they could make it off the island, you will function as a bodyguard. You can protect anyone at night other than yourself. Due to your feelings for Juliet, if she is lynched, you will forfeit your ability to protect anyone the following night. The one thing which was always consistent with Sawyer was his nicknames. You need to address one player a round as only a nickname. You can use the same person multiple times but not consecutively.

    25. 2001
    26. Redwing - Mr Eko, civ searcher, lynched day 4
    A drug dealing gang leader turned priest, Mr Eko had a colorful past before arriving on the island. Though the smoke monster eventually disposed of him, Eko stared down the smoke monster in their first encounter. You are searching for him this game for one final confrontation to settle the score. You will get an investigation a night to find the Man in Black/smoke monster (who is the independent). Each investigation will return independent or not independent.

    27. TIC - Ethan, mafia, vig hit night 2
    Ethan is dispatched by Ben to pretend like he was one of the survivors of flight 815 when instead his purpose was to infiltrate the ranks and kidnap Claire. You will use your ability to blend in to alter the investigation results of a teammate two nights of your choosing. Meaning, you can state you are using your power on night 3 for player X. On that night he will return "not mafia" if investigated. You must use this on teammates, not on civilians or yourself.

    28. Duff - Rousseau, civ vig, hit night 6
    Stranded after her ship wrecked, Rousseau was forced to fend for herself and live on the island in isolation for years hoping one day to be reunited again with her daughter. Rousseau had to resort to violent means frequently for survival and is quite adept with explosives. For this reason you are equipped with vig capabilities. You can use a vig hit once each night during the game if you so choose until you kill a civilian. So long as you continue to kill non-civilians your hits will be replenished.

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    HoopheadVII: "Guess you won't say, "Sorry I'm a little off today" anytime again soon; Eaglesception is a bitch"

  • RaiseHigh

    *6**historicus*** for his DST debacle

    "It's just so hard," Greivis said. "It's my heart, my love. Maryland made me who I am."

  • ***UTF***

    Victoria Concordia Crescit

  • GAterrapin

  • MisterSmiley

  • ***oriolekid*** until he's dead. Basically no-showed for whatever game he played in, maybe 24?

  • ***2001***


  • ***damo***

    please don't play with poetry

  • multiple awards

  • 7erps

    Pretty sure we (mafia) forced him to claim cop in that game and he kinda screwed up and got AAd for it.


  • RaiseHigh

    Don't vote out the new kids on Day One.

    "It's just so hard," Greivis said. "It's my heart, my love. Maryland made me who I am."

  • multiple awards

    Okay so if we're following the story (at all), I'm guessing we have the following roles. For those not familiar with LOST:

    -The indy will like either be Man in Black, Charles Widmore, or Ben Linus. Given that they're universally hostile, it's probably the Man in Black (super evil, just wants to escape the island). Tough to figure out where Widmore fits in though if he's not the indy.

    -Leaning towards Ben being the mafia leader. Initial mafia is probably Ben, Eloise Hawking, Ethan, Tom, Mikhail (potentially awesome character), Bea Klugh, Goodwin.
    -I would be really, really surprised if Ben showed up as mafia when searched.

    - Most likely roles in my opinion: Jack, Kate, Hugo, Sun, John Locke (could be badass or whiny), Jin, Sawyer, Rousseau, Claire, Juliet, Richard Alpert, Sayid, Miles, Charlotte, Daniel Faraday, Desmond, Alexandra, Jacob, Charlie, and Mr. Eko (plz plz plz). Other potential roles: Shannon & Boone, Michael, Walt, Ana-Lucia, Libby, Ros & Bernard, Nikki & Paulo. And Frogurt!

    - Jacob is probably the governor role, will be interesting to see if he gets list powers.
    - John Locke might do something bad if killed off (or have civ superpowers). Either way I would consider this character very powerful.
    - Jack could be the cop or bodyguard (leaning bodyguard powers since he's a doctor).
    Potential converts to mafia: Sayid, Locke, Michael

    I have thoughts on the other roles but I don't want to put them out there for now since I don't want anyone to take this as bible (especially not myself).

  • RaiseHigh

    Appreciated, but I doubt this will help much in an Eagles game, esp. with safe claims.

    "It's just so hard," Greivis said. "It's my heart, my love. Maryland made me who I am."

  • Good writeup. I could also see John Lock as the Indy. That's who I initially thought would be the Indy. Based on eagles saying a main character could be mafia makes me think jack,Kate, or sawyer might be mafia.

  • These assumptions are a waste of time right now. Eagles will put some major names as fake claims for mafia. Also, you don't want to put things (like Awards did) about what kind of power certain characters could have. It can help mafia come up with a fake power when they do claim.

  • Gooner, are you and the other Kansas fans okay? Saw that the Baylor loss was the worst defeat for Kansas since 2006 - which happens to be the same year my Bradley Braves knocked you guys out in the tournament, right?


  • Nope, 7erps was right. We as mafia basically silenced him (made him post one statement for a round) and he got AA'd by posting more things than that.

  • GAterrapin

    To be clear here, I don't read anywhere in Eagle's write up that a main character IS mafia. I read it as that some main chars were left out to give mafia legit safe claims. Did I miss something in his write up or was this from the sign up thread?

  • multiple awards

    No, that's correct GA. I was just pointing out likely characters. But If Locke and Sayid aren't in the game that would be a huuuuge mistake.

  • He says a significant character could be mafia. He also gave me advise on my president game that I should have given some more prominent president roles as fake claims. Knowing that I think that one of the big 3 Kate, sawyer, jack is probably mafia.

  • Okay, but what value does this provide to us right now?

    I don't really see the point in trying to pigeonhole certain characters under certain alignments.