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Ever been in a fight?

  • eamhokie94

    Board jokes usually have a pretty short shelf life but the horse one has some serious staying power.

    classlessthug: I have too much on my plate to worry about the fact that my junk intimidates some needle D undergrad.

  • dixonownsyou

    This was the reason "Luck" got cancelled.

    "And I try to har-mo-nize with songs the lonesome sparrow sings... There are no kings inside the Gates of Eden."

  • If you've never been in a fight, just count yourself as a combination of lucky and intelligent. Having been in your basic "get off me bro" scrum, your Hollywood haymaker orbital bone destroyer, and large scale brawls that required multiple parties to go to the hospital, I can confidently say this: they're all stupid.

    Unless someone smacks your wife or steals from your grandma, you just shouldn't fight.

  • prayers to Barbaro and matt

  • The only time I've come close to a fight as an adult was when Jdawg chucked a beer bottle at a UVA fan in a Charlottesville bar before turning and running out of the bar.

  • what do you consider being an adult, I'd say my last fight was at 24. It was a good reason to fight but having a popeye forearm hematoma for 3 months really stopped any future thoughts of fighting i've had.

    If you count Middle school fights I'd say i've been in about 20 or so fights and say I got the bad end about 4-5 times. The worst I would say I got knocked down after slugging this guy for slapping a girl and his buddies kicked the hell out of me. I was sure my jaw was broke but luckily just had bad bruising.

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    Pic Sigs are for losers.

  • Been in 3 memorable ones + took an old drunk out at Marmadukes once who was bothering the shit out of my gf. Those 3 were 1 on 1, me against 2 and me against 4 "gentlemen" when my 2 buddies ran and those 4 guys stopped it and gave me beer for staying after my buddies left.

    I ran from a fight once and left 2 friends to take on about 7 Glen Bernie dudes at a dance at Spalding, so I swore to never run away again

  • Me and about 10 guys from my cracker high school got in an epic, epic brawl with about 15 guys from Rosedale, who very clearly had nothing to live for. Me and ten crackers quickly became me and 3 crackers once it became clear the opponents were willing to kill and maim people. Turned out surprisingly well.

    When you get into the 5 plus people fights, things can get bad real fast.

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  • Two fights that I can think of as a young adult. One in Georgetown at the "Rally in the Alley". Big brawl style fight that was totally my jealous friends fault.

    He had been jealous of a guy talking to his GF, and basically he just became impossible to be around. At the end of the night, all my buddies including this guy and our girlfriends left the scene. As we were standing around & waiting at an ATM machine, a guy comes up and asks very politely if we were in line for the ATM. My asshole buddy proceeds to say to the guy "Get the fuck out of here you Guido" how he figured the guy was Italian I'll never know, but next thing I know, and I'm not joking about this, the guy turns around and yells to his friends, "Hey Vinnie, hey Dante, get the fuck over here" and at that point shit hits the fan. One of the "Italian" guys was big as shit, and before you know it a 7 on 7 brawl is going on. Just total pandemonium. I see another buddy slam one of their guys to the ground, I throw a hay maker and connect right on a jaw, unfortunately it was my buddies jaw, and not the one who started this shit, but another one who obviously didn't deserve the haymaker.

    Then I had another guy come at me and I somehow wrestled him to the ground but rather than throw a punch, because of our position, I just dug my fingers into his eyes, making sure he couldn't see me if and when he got the fuck up. That's when the police finally arrived, and broke things up. Needless to say, none of us were too happy with our friend that night. It was totally his fault, and even though that took place in 1993, we still haven't let him totally live that down.

    Other fight happened in OC and wasn't really a fight, other than me getting punched square in the jaw, saying to the guy who just hit me "is that all you got" and him spending the next 10 minutes running from me in the parking lot as I tried to catch up to him to enact revenge. Never did get the chance, but what I can say is even though I withstood his punch, my jaw hurt for 3 months after taking the punch.

    Oh, and I did punch the guy that my ex-wife had an affair with square in the nose, shattering his nose and causing so much damage that he had to have it surgically repaired. That one felt pretty good as you can imagine, and I knew he wouldn't sue me because then it would have exposed his affair to his wife and family.

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  • I didn't go to CP. had friends that went there and would visit every so often. my mind used to be blown at how aggressive the CP culture was.

    driving near frat row (I guess) look over to my right see two guys throwing down. chicks yelling at them to stop. seemed like a normal occurrence.

    alcohol and testosterone/ego is a helluva mixture.

  • Just once when I was 12. A kid I had over ruined my birthday party. My girly shot struck first and busted his lip. Any bravado was lost when I ran upstairs crying cause my birthday was ruined.

  • I'm sort of amused by this thread. Most of you did not grow up in a culture where fighting was pretty common or the norm. I can't imagine coming from inner city poverty without having to fight a little any more than I could imagine someone like me being raised in a bare knuckle culture in a mining town managing to never get in a fight.

    Plus, I was a jock, and many of the fights I had were with other football players. I even got in some really memorable fist fights while at Yale including two in Princeton/Yale JV football games and several in the streets with townies. LOL!!! I think it's a cultural thing. He'll I know it is.

    I lit up a preppy who totally deserved it, and he and a lot of people at Yale had never been hit in the face before just like most of you. Well good for you. I haven't been in a fight since I turned 21 and learned to heed my Father's wisdom that it is a poor set of legs that will let a body take a licking. Carry on. Violence in one's character is not a good thing, and I learned to tame that in me. You can ask my kids.

  • That's a fucking dream shot clap

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  • This, growing up in a pretty rough neighborhood i remember getting punched in the face for the first time at 6 years old. Then fighting at the bus stop after school and then having to do it again the next morning because the kids parents were not happy he lost. Once I got to college I'd always find it funny when a kid who you could tell had never been in a fight before would start one (i'm talking friends of mine or with me). Everyone thinks they are tough until they get punched in the face. Fighting is stupid and solves about as much as most fights were started over.

    Pic Sigs are for losers.

  • The last "fight" I got into believe it or not was 4 or 5 years ago. I say believe it or not because I turned 48 on Friday.

    It is a Sunday morning about 10AM and I am at my local Dunkin Donuts (Noth Potomac) getting a dozen donuts and some coffee for the wife and kids. There is a guy in front of me in line who is literally giving the poor server an incredibly hard time. She doesn't quite understand what he wants and he is treating her like garbage. There must be like ten people in line but this guy doesn't care that everyone knows he is an unsufferable human being. He is being loud, rude, etc. So he gets his stuff and goes to put stuff in his coffee and get napkins. I order my dozen and a couple of coffees and put them in a carrying tray. I end up walking out right behind the guy. He ends up opening the door up wide but doesn't hold it open for me. I have the coffee tray in one hand and the dozen donuts in the other so I have nothing to keep the door from closing on me. So it ends up closing on me and knocking the coffee tray out of my hand and some coffee spilling on me. By this time he is maybe twenty feet into the parking lot and I end up letting out a yell. The guy turns around and looks at me. So I tell him, "you ended up not holding the door for me and I spilled coffee on myself. What the hell is that about?". Or something close.

    Well the guy is already in a pissed off mood about something so he yells back he didn't do anything and I should be more careful. So that is when I let him have it with the "you know you are a real effin dickhead!" I then turn back onto the DD to get some napkins and dry myself. While I am doing that the guy puts down his stuff on his car and heads back into the store. There must be a line of 15 people so as he enters the store he is really worked up and starts pushing through people to get to me. I now see that this is going to turn into a physical confrontation and I calmly tell him lets go outside. He doesn't stop and puts his hands up to push me. As he does that I push him and turn him and push him back through the doors and out into the parking lot. He is about ten feet from me and he comes at me again. With arms out to push. I see that he isn't going to punch and I am not worried about him hurting me so this time with a longer reach, I push him a little harder. He backs up again and comes at me another time. This time I push him hard enough where he goes down in the parking lot. Now he is huffing and gets up. I look at him and tell him, "I am done fooling around with you, if you come at me again I am going to put you down." He thinks about it for a few seconds then goes gets in his car and leaves. I didn't say it to be a tough guy but to let him know that he shouldn't come at me again. My goal was not to do anything to hurt this guy.

    The whole thing was embarrasing. Here I am in the parking lot of my local DD in front of about 20 people, in my own neighborhood, getting into a physical confrontation with another middle aged guy. Now honestly I think I handled it about as good as I could have. OK maybe I shouldn't have lit into the guy with a bunch of expletives, but other than that I think I did the right thing. I knew I could have handled this guy at any time and rather than knocking him out I gave him every opportunity to stop. This was some guy with an anger management issue, there was no reason to hurt him. As you get older you learn to be more gracious.

    Other than that I have been in maybe 6 or 8 fights in my life. A few in HS and a few during my years at Maryland. I never started any and if I did get into one it was usually because somebody I was with was being a jackass and got us into something or I couldn't avoid it, usually because the other person was drunk, etc. I am a pretty big guy and did some boxing growing up. I could always handle myself if it came to that. I also know what it is like to get hit, so that never worried me. However that being said I always tried to avoid fighting at all costs. In my time at CP I remember some drunk SOB's wanting to fight. Usually I would talk them out of it, or figure out a way to walk away. I was never worried about looking bad. I knew that if it came to that I wouldn't have any issues fighting, but even at that age, I knew that I would get no satisfaction about hurting someone, especially someone that had drunk themselves some courage. If I did have to get into it, I always tried to show the person that I knew what I was doing. Usually afer a few jabs the person lost their steam and it was over pretty quick, or their friends pulled them away.

    I am hoping that at this point in my life I have been in my last fight.

  • I'll say this, every fight I was in was started by the other side, I never ever threw the 1st punch.

  • Yes it was, and if I saw that guy today, I would hug him and say thank you for doing me such a big favor. After my divorce was final, I eventually met the woman I've been happily married to for 12 years, and have 3 wonderful kids with. My ex wife, I saw her a couple of years ago and it looked like she had picked up 60 lbs. The divorce was bound to happen, the guy I punched just made it happen a little faster.

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  • Maybe it's a generational thing (I'm older) but I can't even remember all the fights I had as a kid. From age 6 on, it seems like bus stop fights were a pretty regular thing and not just for me. I think maybe it was because there unspoken rules (no ganging up, no weapons, down meant it was over) unlike today when who knows what some unstable schlub will do.

    In high school, almost all the fights took place after school in the field across the street (thus avoiding suspension and giving everybody time to get all amped up). The thing I remember most about these is knowing in advance whether I was likely to get my ass kicked. One time, I book-yanked Frank Reinhart and had to post up at the field. Frank was someone with a reputation for handing out exquisite beat-downs (I have no idea why I book-yanked him) so it was a long day. I showed up (no-showing got you the pussy label) and obligingly took the first swing which apparently didn't make much of an impression on Mr. Reinhart. He proceeded to give me two head shots and a punch to the sternum (ouch). Down I went and that was that (no kicking in the old days).

    I always threw the first punch. If I knew I was in for a whipping I just wanted to get it over. If I thought I stood a chance, the best way to win is hit hard on the nose and just keep flailing away.

    I haven't had a fight since college in flag football (beer, testosterone, and women; great combination).

  • That's exactly how my first "real fight" happened, and I think it's theraputic to look back on these things;

    I was in 9th grade going to Arundel Sr High, and had been in private schools mostly up till them, and had begged for a chance to go to public school when we moved to Crofton right about when it was 1st built, and it was a much much smaller place than it is today, sorta an enclave amidst mostly farm communities, and the kids who went to Arundel treated us Croftonites liked spoiled snobs and there was a great deal of resentment from alot of the farmers and greasers.

    One day after PE i was sitting on the bench in the locker room after my PE football team won the season in the class, having beaten the greasers pretty bad. I was the QB and played real well that day. This tall greaser w/ a hair lip came up to me and said "look at yer hair, its all long and stringy I bet you're a fag mf", and he had a few buddies with him and I was alone. I got up and said something to him, we almost got into it but the PE teacher heard us and came by, so these greasers told me to show up the following monday after school at the field acroos the street from the school. I rode to school each day with a senior who was on the football team, so going home I told him what happened and I was scared to death. he said no problem, he knew the greasers and he'd make sure he and a bunch of guys from the football team were on hand to make sure it was clean fight and he knew the guy I was gonna fight and said I could take him, though the guy was a good boxer I would have to wrestle him down.

    I spent that whole weekend in fear and was looking for someway to get out of it, but all my buddies were so excited that the up-comming fight was the talk of the week end. A bunch of older guys always came into crofton to hit on the crofton girls, and I was good friends w/ all the girls, so that weekend at Teen club I had all these older guys come up to me and tell me good luck and they'd be there to back me up. So by the end of the week end there was no way I could chicken out, the whole school was gonna be across the street on monday after school.

    I wanted to throw up, but walked across the street after school on monday, and the place was packed. All these older guys who were the "cooler" guys in the school were there waiting, and they were in my camp, courtesy of my several friends on the football team. That gave me confidence so I was feeling a little braver when out of no-where I got smacked in the face by the tall skinny hair lip greaser who sucker punced me. I had my suede jacket on and started taking it off when he smacked me again. That's when the QB of Arundels football team jumped in and told the greaser and his palls to back off and let me take off my jacket. I took it off and was ready to fight, and the greaser punched me several times again in the face, and the football guys jumped in and stopped things, cause the greaser was wearing what the called the "Hercules Ring" that the greasers wore in fights and my face was pretty bloody at that point. They argued for a while but he finally took the ring off and the fight resuned. I realised by this time that I wasn't a boxer, so when he threw the next punch, I ducked it and tackled his ass, I had him down and was on top and finally I was smacking the shite out of him The place went wild and I was getting cheered untill all of a sudden the Arundel principal grabbed me by the back of my hair and pulled me off. We didn't get suspended or anything, but just a stern warning. Worst part was when I got home the principal had called my mother and she was beside herself.

    PE class the next day the greaser came up to me and shook my hand and even appologized about the ring, and he said that all the scars on my face made me look better, more tougher and not such a pretty boy.....I was proud of those scars.

  • The next time Mr. Dawg visited Charlottesville, a brawl broke out at that Biker Bar. So it must be him then.

    Detroit Hustles Harder

  • wtf is a greaser?

  • MisterSmiley

    It's either (a) the historical equivalent of the cast of Grease, or (b) Hispanics.

  • When I heard the term "greaser" I immediately thought of the movie "The Outsiders". Big brawl Greasers vs Socias. (Socials) Another words poor versus rich.

    The greasers, Swayze, Cruise, Rob Lowe, Matt Dillon, Emilio Estevez, C Thomas Howell, kicked some ass in that rumble.

  • We used to call them "Heads". As in you had the Jocks and the Heads.