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Death panels---Paul all for killing folks

  • I do not have a definitive plan for how means testing would or should work, but in general I feel the system should be a safety net for the old and infirm and those who are unfortunate enough as MaskedSuperstar is to be struck down in his prime while he has kids. His needs, medically and financially, and the welfare of his kids should take precedence over the UPS driver who just got old and for him this might be just supplemental retirement income.

    I also don't want to pit rich versus poor in anything I might suggest or consider. I think people with assets who grow old should be able to transfer assets to their kids or grand children without being gouged by the government, or they should just be able to spend all of their money doing whatever they want until they are in a position where they are the ones who need the help to continue to exist (and hopefully, their kids might look after them as well). Said another way, I'd like people to be able to invest in their children and grandchildren to give the next generations a better shot at building a future than just having their assets sucked up by government.

    But back to fixing the system and the deficits. I have believed for a long time that top earners should not have ANY cap on SS or Medicare as a first step. They may have to raise the date of eligibility to 70 as well, but I am not comfortable with that. And means testing might be applied to when people are eligible for SS at all whether they are 65, 70 or whatever beyond that. I don't have a definitive, comprehensive answer, toogs, I just know in my heart that we have a terrible system that needs fixed, and I don't want to see the old and infirm or the sick and helpless treated without compassion by the system.