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Breaking Bad Game Thread - civs win

  • Welcome to Breaking Bad mafia.

    You know the generic rules. Here's the non-generic rundown:

    This game has 2 mafias, each comprised of 4 players. The victory conditions are standard for mafia.

    There is one independent tandem. The winning condition for the two is to eliminate the mafia and have one or fewer civ left in order to win the game. Meaning they are hostile independents.

    Each mafia has been given safe claims, some of which are significant characters. Also, the characters may not exactly align with your preconceived notions of who should be mafia. Maybe they do, maybe they don't. Don't make any assumptions just based on roles.

    I have class during the day, so vote updates are appreciated, especially since I'm modding this solo. Also, there is the potential for a lot of night moves, so give me a little leeway there since I'll process them as quickly as I can.

    2 missed votes and you die. OT is 10 minutes, anyone can switch. RNG if no one does.

    Everyone got a role. Most are named, some are not. Some characters are connected, not always in a good way, so be careful what you reveal about who you are. PM me if you didn't get a PM.

    Night moves are standard in their order. All hits are concurrent, though a mafia hit takes precedent over a vig hit if made on the same target as to what will be processed.

    Majorities are instantaneous. I will allow for longer night moves in majority rounds. If someone notes majority and I'm not around, call night please. Missed votes during a majority round do not count. No majorities with 5 or fewer players.

    Rounds end the last second of the time listed, so I'll accept a vote up to 10:00:59.

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  • Posted based on how they signed up:

    evo - Saul Goodman, mafia, killed by Walt night 11
    “Better call Saul”. My personal hero, and man who every self-respecting lawyer aspires to be, Saul operates as a lawyer for less than savory individuals. He set up Walt with Gus, and has a direct hand in making sure his clients’ various business ventures run smoothly. Saul is quite capable of running significant misdirection and lending his services to getting his clients out of tough spots. Once this game at a night where your mafia does not have a hit (after night 2), Saul can use his abilities to block ALL night action not made by your mafia. No other night moves will be processed. Additionally, you will be able to communicate outside of the thread with Huell.

    beakum - Badger, civ, lynched day 3
    Jesse’s friend who also doubles as a meth dealer, you are a civ in this game who has the ability to gain attributes by selling meth. Some people in this game are selling and distributing meth. If one of them targets you at night, you will then in turn flip the meth for some cash. With the cash made from your first successful sale, you’ll be granted a vig hit to use a night of your choosing. If you’re targeted twice, you will be able to use the money made by the sale to be given an investigation which will return the name of the character you investigated. Until you are targeted you are a vanilla civ.

    RHTBG - Jesse Pinkman, independent, lynched day 6
    Jesse is one of the main characters on Breaking Bad, and has come to be seen by many as the heart of the show. Jesse is a meth cook and dealer when he is first introduced, though his skills in regards to cooking become considerably stronger as the show progresses.
    You are an independent and teamed with Walter White. Though you two often have a contentious relationship in the show, you always manage to find a way to patch up your differences and work together. Here, you will primarily function as the distribution arm for the meth that Walt cooks. You have no powers in the beginning of the game, other than having the final call on the distribution. Each night that you both live, Walt gets to cook a batch of meth which you will in turn sell. Since Walt’s product is superior to anything else on the market, your sale will go through so long as you don’t target the DEA/Walt’s family with meth. Each successful sale will lead to abilities being unlocked. The first successful transaction gives you a vig hit. The second, gives you or Walt a night protection, though only to one of you, and you have to decide the night it’s granted who gets it. The third successful sale results in Walt becoming Heisenberg, which will then unlock even greater abilities for your team. You may not target the same individuals on consecutive nights for sales, AND, there are certain people in the game who you can target which will grant civs powers (which may be detrimental to your cause).

    One other group in this game is selling meth. Jesse was a former drug addict. If they target you at night, you will not be able to sell that night because you will have relapsed. Further, if you are in a successful lynch on, or night target a child/someone you were in a relationship with on the show, you will become despondent and not be able to sell for that night.

    ***PART OF ROLE REDACTED DUE TO INFO***. You and Walt may communicate outside of the game thread, and win if all mafia are eliminated and 1 or fewer civs remain.

    jtp - Mike Ehrmantraut, mafia 1, lynched day 7
    Mike is in charge of “distribution”, background checks, and other components of the business which ensure that it runs smoothly. Mike’s past as a cop and general preparedness for all situations allows him typically to be one step ahead of his opponents. For this game, that allows you to avoid the first night target made against you. As part of your role in distribution, you get to target one person a night to distribute meth to after Gale has cooked it. Targeting meth heads or dealers within the game will count as a successful sale, though you cannot target the same individual consecutively. Each successful sale will unlock a different ability for the mafia as a whole to use, though if you sell to certain characters, it will unlock potentially negative consequences.
    (note: Jesse Pinkman may not kill you with a vig hit).

    da - hit night 1, methhead, civ
    There is no market if there is no one to sell to! Your existence impacts others in the game, so be careful about how open you are about your role, but you’ll most likely be too high to figure out how it does and why. You are a vanilla civ.

    tcc - Walt's cancer, civ, killed night 6
    Cancer: the entire catalyst for Walter White’s journey from Mr. Chips to Scarface and the very reason for Breaking Bad’s existence. As Breaking Bad progressed, Walter became gradually more deplorable in his actions to the point where one character stated that they were simply wishing for his cancer to return. Your job is to do what cancer couldn’t on the show – kill Walt. You get an investigation a night to find Walt. If you do, you will instantly be killed with him at night.

    toogs - meth head, civ, killed night 6
    There is no market if there is no one to sell to! Your existence impacts others in the game, so be careful about how open you are about your role, but you’ll most likely be too high to figure out how it does and why. You are a vanilla civ.


    FTN - Hank, cop, hit night 2
    “They’re minerals!” Walt’s DEA brother-in-law comes across as a stereotypical cop early on in Breaking Bad, but it doesn’t take long for the show to quickly illustrate that Hank is New Mexico’s best bet for seriously curtailing the meth trade. You are the cop in this game and your investigations will come back MAFIA or NOT MAFIA. You are also equipped with the knowledge to start the game that there is one undetectable member of the mafia to start the game, and, you have the potential to have more than one investigation in a night. If someone tries to sell you, or another member of the DEA who is in this game meth, you will be given an additional investigation the following night.


    Smiley - Huell, civ, hit night 6
    Saul’s bodyguard, and a man with deceptively quick hands when it comes to stealing cigarettes, Huell is a man of few words. He rarely is shown speaking to anyone other than Saul. That will remain true in this game, as Saul is the only player who you will have special abilities to communicate with. You will be given Saul’s identity at the beginning of the game and can communicate with him outside of the game thread.


    TF22 - hit night 8, Steve Gomez, back-up cop
    Gomez is Hank’s partner and a member of the DEA. You have two functions as Gomez in this game. First, as a member of the DEA, if you are targeted at night by someone attempting to sell meth, you will afford the cop an extra investigation the following night (I will inform the cop of this). Second, you are the backup cop. If the cop dies and you are still living, you will take over the duties. Investigations will come back MAFIA or NOT MAFIA.

    Titan - hit night 3, mafia 2, don eladio
    Don Eladio, the head of the cartel, rose to great power by being a man with superb connections. You are the head of the Cartel Mafia, but do not function as a godfather at the start of the game. Because of your great pull, you get an investigation every other night which will come back mafia or not mafia starting night 1. Further, you are equipped with the knowledge that Gus is the leader of mafia one and undetectable via investigation. If Gus dies while you are still in the game, you will once again be the unquestioned king of the meth trade and will BECOME a godfather, at which point investigations as to your alignment will return not mafia.

    damo - lynched day 9, meth head, vanilla civ
    There is no market if there is no one to sell to! Your existence impacts others in the game, so be careful about how open you are about your role, but you’ll most likely be too high to figure out how it does and why. You are a vanilla civ.

    JMan - ASAC Merkert, lynched day 1, civ
    Merkert heads the DEA for the majority of Breaking Bad. Though you unwittingly allowed Gus to become a meth king right underneath your nose, you generally seem sincere about allocating the necessary resources to curb the spread of meth. Though you are otherwise a vanilla civ, you are equipped with the knowledge that some in this game are trying to sell meth at night. If they target you at night as a buyer, that transaction attempt will give the cop another investigation the following night.

    Deacsfan28 - Tuco, mafia 2, lynched day 2
    Although Tuco originally seems like a kingpin in the meth world, it’s soon revealed he has a lot of personality…flaws. Brutal, but not the brightest on the block, you must end the first three days voting for fellow mafia members (on days where there isn’t a majority). You CANNOT be used as the mafia hitter so long as every member of your mafia is still living.

    redwing - Jane Margolis, civ, lynched day 8
    Jane was Jesse’s landlord and girlfriend. She lived next door and was a recovering addict. Her life became unhinged as she became addicted to drugs once more. In this game, you are afforded knowledge that there are people attempting to sell meth at night. If you are targeted, you will relapse, and become slightly unhinged. You will then have two mandatory vig hits to use the following two nights – meaning, if you’re targeted with meth night 3, night 4 and 5 you must fire vig hits.
    (note: Jesse Pinkman may not kill you with a vig hit).

    ryala - Tio Salamanca, mafia 2, lynched day 10
    Ding! Hector “Tio” Salamanca was a high ranking member of cartel who has been reduced in his old age to a wheelchair and a little bell to ding, which he is quite fond of. Despite not having the ability to speak, he communicates volumes with his bell and facial expressions. Without getting into specifics, Tio is able to accomplish quite a bit even with his handicaps. In this game, you are given an unblockable hit to use once at night, at any night in the game starting night 4. This hit will also kill you, so select wisely if you’re going to use it. Further, because Tio cannot communicate normally, you will be limited to three posts a round which aren’t simply votes (you can switch your vote as often as you’d like so long as no other text accompanies the switch).

    gsterp - Skyler White, BG, hit night 7
    Skyler White is Walt’s wife who goes from being oblivious about Walter’s meth antics to being complicit in the operation and wishing death upon her husband. The one thing that is consistent about her is her love for her children…and the general dislike her character inspires among the audience. Because of this dislike, and the fact that you’ve become complicit in Walt’s operation, you will come back MAFIA in the eyes of the good guys if investigated. However, there is no doubt Skyler is an integral character and loves her children. Therefore, you’re afforded the knowledge that Walter Jr is the other BG, and the name of the person playing that role. You are the second BG, and may protect whoever you’d like.

    deacphan - hit by mafia 1 night 5, Walt Jr, bodyguard
    Walt Jr is the lone son in the White family. Handicaple, Jr seems to only make appearances at mealtime? What is he doing off screen for all that time? Searching for the cop, clearly. You get two investigations a night to find the cop. What’s even better for you is that once you find the cop, you can do something to assist them, since you are a bodyguard. These investigations continue until informed otherwise. If you protect who the mafia hits, you and the hitter will both die.


    beads - Gale, mafia 1, lynched day 4
    Gale is a chemist who Gus hires to cook with Walt. He enjoys chemistry, poems, making videos of himself dancing, and cooking meth. Each night, so long as you’re alive, you get to cook a fresh batch of meth. That batch will then, in turn, have the possibility of being sold. If it is sold effectively, your mafia will be afforded added benefits which it can use. What these benefits are will be discovered with each increasing sale.

    turtleinchains - lynched day 5, meth head, civ
    There is no market if there is no one to sell to! Your existence impacts others in the game, so be careful about how open you are about your role, but you’ll most likely be too high to figure out how it does and why. You are a vanilla civ.

    Duff - The Cousins, mafia 2, hit by Saul night 4
    The Cousins are introduced in season 2 as almost terminator like assassins, capable of great brutality. They are the definition of men of action, not words. You will function as the Cartel’s silencer. Because there are two of you in the show, you will get to silence not one but two people a round. You must use this ability every night. You cannot silence the same players consecutively. *something redacted about the role*

    wakeforest22980 - Gus Fring, mafia 1, lynched day 11
    Gus is the owner of the delicious chicken franchise, Los Pollos Hermanos, a community benefactor, supporter of the DEA, and generally composed businessman. He’s also arguably the biggest player in the meth game in the American southwest and one of the biggest badasses on the show. You operated your business right underneath the nose of the DEA for years, hiding in plain sight. You are the Godfather of the Los Pollos Hermanos mafia. You are undetectable via investigations from the cop. However, because of how instrumental you are to your operation, if you die, your mafia will lose the ability to communicate outside of the game thread for an entire day/night and will not be able to use your night hit if you’re up that night. Meaning, if you die day3, and you have a hit night 3, you can’t use it and can’t communicate during day 4. If you die night 3, you can’t communicate day4/night4, but your night hit won’t be impacted since you don’t get a night 4 hit. Gus is cold and calculating, so if you have to die, make sure you go out on terms most beneficial to your associates. Due to Gus’s careful nature, and his ability to cover his tracks, if you die, you get to edit any posts that you’d like however you’d like.
    (if you die on a day/night where your mafia has a hit that makes them incapable of using it, it will be given to the mysterious man in the black hat – if Walt is dead, there will be no mafia hit at night).

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    HoopheadVII: "Guess you won't say, "Sorry I'm a little off today" anytime again soon; Eaglesception is a bitch"

  • It is now Day. Day 1 ends at 10AM Tuesday.

    Good luck everyone.

    PM me with any questions/issues, being aware that I won't be at my computer 24/7 tomorrow.

    HoopheadVII: "Guess you won't say, "Sorry I'm a little off today" anytime again soon; Eaglesception is a bitch"

  • RaiseHigh


    "It's just so hard," Greivis said. "It's my heart, my love. Maryland made me who I am."

  • Not a good vote. Raise looked in on the Wake thread/has played with Doofus before; Raise knows that Doofus outs himself if he's dirty within two or three rounds.




  • Knight with the early meta-gaming.


  • terpsfan22

  • Civ lean


  • A little early heat on Doofus might be helpful in that regard, so how exactly is it a bad Day One vote?


    "You are mentally a cat and each post is a red dot from a laser pointer." - MisterSmiley

  • RHTB&G For no reason other than I have no idea who he voted for.

  • 7erps

  • Who is doofus? Wakeforest2290?


    RaiseHigh said... No. This is jtp's doing. He's kept me around for his bizarre HOF resume.

  • "Doofus" is Deacfan28. Wakeforest22980 is also known as "Numbers". I suggest people not call them by either over here to avoid needless confusion.


  • Sorry, incorrect format.


  • Since a game with this many people can get damn confusing pretty quickly, I would suggest frequent updates on the vote count. Here is what I have so far:

    deacfan28(2) RHTB&G wf22980
    jman (3) parlay 7erps jtp
    RHTB&G (2) Knight beakum
    beads dadeac
    ryala terpfan22
    knight utf
    wf22980 jman
    utf toogs
    beakum redwing

  • RaiseHigh

    Definitely had them backwards. Fantastic.

    "It's just so hard," Greivis said. "It's my heart, my love. Maryland made me who I am."

  • RaiseHigh

    And I definitely didn't know any of this.

    "It's just so hard," Greivis said. "It's my heart, my love. Maryland made me who I am."

  • I voted for DeacPhan, who is different from Deacsfan28 (Doofus). I guess that's pretty confusing.

  • ***Titan***

    "roomers are for bitches and bitches get fucked up."

  • Deacsfan28 (1) - Raise
    JMan (4) - parlay, 7erps, JTP, Titan
    Raise (3) - Knight, beakum, Duff
    Beads (2) - Da, ryala
    ryala (1) - tf22
    Knight (1) - UTF
    wakeforest22980 (1) - JMan
    UTF (1) - Toogs
    beakum (1) - redwing
    deacphan (1) - wakeforest22980
    Titan (1) - damo

    HoopheadVII: "Guess you won't say, "Sorry I'm a little off today" anytime again soon; Eaglesception is a bitch"