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Official MD v VT game thread

  • Yes he did. I was saying to myself that I might just have seen the worst individual one minute performance in Maryland basketball history. I was screaming at the television for Turge to take him out and that he should never play again. Then of course he goes on to help us win the game. He still frustrates the heck out of me. But he does always try hard. He is just very limited in what he can do.

  • I don’t get all the negative post-game analysis here. We won on the road. We led most of the game. We didn’t cave at the end. We held true to our great FG defense and rebounding margin. Yes, there will be turnovers and bipolar FT shooting. Given this is a young team without a good or true PG, I don’t know what y’all expect. I think Padge is playing with urgency and the fact he is a senior, I think more good things will come out of him the rest of the year…so if he’s doing pretty well in a game, leave him in. My take:

    Wells-looked like he didn’t contribute much to the game at all, but boxscore says 8 pts, 9 rebounds and 5 assists. That is very good playing out of position a lot. He leads the NCAA in assists from lying on the floor with the ball!

    Padgett-11 boards, 50% shooting, 2 blocks. This is the best you can expect from him.

    Len-not his fault they don’t get him the ball enough, but when he does get it, he has excellent FG %, including 66% last night. Thought he had more than 2 blocks, and certainly altered more. Has to stop going for pump fake. As stronger as he got from last season, he obviously needs to get more strength, but give him more time!. Still he is way better than last year, and sky’s the limit. If not a lottery pick this year, then certainly next.

    Faust-I agree with earlier poster…can be our defensive stopper and help with ballhandling. He clearly would thrive on a fast-break team but that ain’t us. Just stop jacking too many 3s and making too many charges. If his shot ain’t pretty by now, ain’t ever gonna be. I think it’s safe to say his legacy will be more about defense then offense.

    Layman-Solid game. 14 points in 24 minutes. He is getting better and has a high ceiling…that’s all you can ask for. I keep thinking his 3 has too much arc on it but it seems to be going in more frequently (still too low at 34%).

    Mitchell-couldn’t get offense going but 9 rebounds in 15 minutes is a quality contribution

    aronhalt-dude is shooting almost 50% from 3pt! Hit a huge one late in the game. He continues to make progress on driving to the hoop after they jump out on him. He is the only real 3 pt threat on this team and was a huge pickup. Anything less then 15-20 min a game is criminal.

    Allen- 2 early 3s were important, but kinda disappeared after that. Given he was an under-the-radar recruit that played weak competition and was injured in HS, I really didn’t have great expectations for him this year anyways.

    P’shon- he actually came in the game and helped, with 2 nice assists and (hold your breath)…a drive to the basket with an acrobatic, successful lay-in! He can score…who knew?! But let’s just leave him as our last scoring option, ok? I think 10 min. per game is perfect for him…maybe a bit more if he continues to perform like he did last night.

    Shaq- ugh….has regressed a bit. I’m sure he’ll get better every year, but right now, he doesn’t know how to handle the player’s bouncing off his chiseled body (or flopping), and the resulting foul-a-minute pace he’s on. Just keep coaching him up, and hope for the best. Obviously, he is very raw, but has great potential.

  • Watching this team I get the feeling that this whole season is one last growing pain as it transitions to being Turgeon's team. I think our issues at PG are because of the holdovers from Gary's class. I'm not blaming him, and I'm not absolving Turgeon either. He could have aggressively pursued a PG last year. I could see Faust, Pe, and Stogs being lethal in transition in Gary's old pressure defense system, but with Turgeon's style of play they are all playing outside of their skillsets (obviously Stogs is gone). I think Pe has great vision, which would make him a lethal PG on the break, but he's too slow to run set offenses. I think the same is true of Faust, in that he is deceptively fast and sneaky with his speed, but when you put him in the half court it's harder for him to get to the rim.

    All of that said, I think Turgeon's first class is turning out very well. We just won on the road, so I don't see a reason to be negative. People clearly had high expectations for this team due to the fast start, but I think it's important not to lose sight of how young this team is and that it is only our coach's second season and he inherited a pretty weak group of players. I agree some of his in-game decisions are disconcerting (I don't know why he didn't call a few timeouts at stretches last night), but I mean, what is he going to do? Teach these guys how to run the same offense he's been coaching all year during a 90 second timeout?

    We're very much a program in transition still, and even though our games can be ugly and hard to watch I think the trajectory is headed in the right direction. I realize not everyone is happy with how quickly we're progressing but we're not gonna find a solution to the PG problem this year--I think it's more about trying to minimize the completely bone-headed plays, and somehow finding a way to get the ball into the post more regularly.

    My two let's beat UVA Sunday.

  • I feel like this team's biggest issue is that when they lose momentum it takes them so long to get it back. They started last night's game on fire, and you can really see some of the talent starting to shine through. But VT pushes back a little and throws them a different look, and they completely fall apart until halftime. I don't know if that's youth or coaching or both, but it's makes them incredibly inconsistent.

  • probably youth and turge's never-ending search for the right mix of players on the court keep us from sustained momentum surges. I still think the #1 issue is having a pure PG that is good. Watching Dez run the point versus concentrating as a SG puts a huge restraint on his capabilities. Faust can help bring the ball up, and occasionally can penetrate and make a good pass, but he is not a PG. Allen probably has the best combination of shot, dribble and PG-type instincts on the team, but he is just not ready for prime-time yet. Those 3 are accounting for HALF of our terrible 15 turnover a game average...just kills us. If each can just trim off one turnover per game, that would be a great start!!

  • This is exactly right... never underestimate what a great PG can give a college team or to what extent the lack of one can hurt. Remember the Gilchrist years and PG issues that followed? Parrish Brown, Strawberry, who was the other one? Despite all his issues, PH is the only real point guard on the team. I think Turge is gonna have to bite the bullet and go with him.

  • I don't think it has anything to do with his own team; the TOs would be to try to disrupt the momentum of the opposition. Of course it doesn't always work, but I'd like to know the reasoning behind not taking them since it seems to be SOP with nearly all coaches. It just seems odd.

  • 88 Terp and Mr. Wig. Very astute analysis.

    Cut down on turnovers, hit foul shots, keep playing good defense. A lot to ask of this group I guess, but it could mean a tourney team if they can do it.

  • Dez finished the game with 5 TO's

    Come on out and get your whoopin!

  • Ironically although we've lost a lot of the transition scoring and scoring off turnovers (see Gary's press style defense), they've been hugely consistent in rebounding, even in our bad games and generally pretty good from 3pt, which allowed us early on to beat their zone, which gary's teams consistently had problems beating. If only we could combine both pluses.