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Hope we get Maryland right away

  • Hey NYCHawkeye, thanks for the welcome. Some of us are overjoyed to be out of the redneck All Carolina Conference. No doubt we will have some issues going into the B10, but will take those any day over these clowns. UMD is a better fit with the B10 schools in many ways. That aside, we are conditioned to years of trash talking in this league and no doubt will get and give some to you guys. Keep smiling!

    King Penguins, South Georgia Island

  • Alas, they beat us on the "Magic City Miracle" in the Citrus Bowl in 2005 with bragging rights for the '58 title on the line; Nick Saban's disorganized coverage scheme on the final play was his last holiday season parting gift to the LSU fanbase.

    If that one experience with Iowa fans is at all indicative, I think Iowa and Marland fans will get along fine. Both enjoy sports and heartily back their team. Both can give it and take it. The LSU and Iowa fans did, although the tailgating scene was interesting: a lot of "WHAT is that you are cooking?" and such. Widely (and inaccurately) recounted by my family as the time Dad almost got into a fight with a whole bunch of Iowa students and the Hawkeye mascot had to save him.

    As a Maryland season ticket holder with no deep rooted ACC loyalty, who adopted the Terps to see college football in this area, I for one will very much welcome seeing the Big 10 schools come to Byrd in the years ahead.

    This post has been edited 2 times, most recently by BeltwayBengal 16 months ago

    I love any team that lines up, tees it up, faces off, toes the line, or otherwise competes for the LSU purple and gold. Bless them all.