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Francis: "Why am I so Handsome?"

The grind of fall camp can become redundant and tedious not only for the players, but also for the fans and media. So rather than break down the battle for the back-up long-snapper spot, we decided to make it personal Friday morning.

O'Brien is humble about his hoop skills, while Francis isn't as unassuming.

IMS: How did you spend your summer? What was the most interesting thing you did?

DL A.J. Francis: “I worked my ass off here. I went to the beach once, but other than that, stayed here all summer. I got 35 cents wings at Cornerstone every Friday, but other than that, nothing special.”

QB Danny O’Brien: “Besides the internship [with Under Armour] I was just up here with the guys throwing a few days a week, doing some seven-on-seven. It was a pretty boring summer actually. I stayed on campus a lot. The internship was definitely the highlight of my non-football summer, getting into the corporate world.”

RB Davin Meggett: “I spent my summer working at the gym on campus. Just working, chilling, hanging out with the co-workers and some of the people that came in. It was a blast. I would spend hours in there and it was a lot of fun.”

WR Ronnie Tyler: “I was just working out really. We had some pretty intense workouts. The offense got together a lot to do seven-on-seven drills. The receivers worked out with Danny a whole lot. That’s what I was doing. I spent my time getting better.”

IMS: Have you heard JayZ and Kanye West’s new CD, “Watch the Throne,” and if you had to pick one of the rappers, who would it be?

Francis: “I love ‘Watch the Throne.’ It’s a great album. My favorite song is probably ‘New Day.’ ‘Why I Love You’ is another good one. And definitely JayZ. That’s not even a question.”

O’Brien: “I just got the hookup on ‘Watch the Throne’ from A.J. Don’t tell him, though. And I like Kanye. I’m a big Kanye fan.”

Meggett: “I’ve heard a little bit of it, but I don’t have it on my iPod. If I had to pick one, how about both.”

Tyler: “I haven’t even heard it yet, so I couldn’t tell you.”

IMS: If you didn’t play football, what sport would you play?

Francis: “I’d be the most suited to play rugby, but I’m going to say basketball. The only person on the team that can beat me one-on-one is Ronnie Tyler.”

O’Brien: “Probably basketball at a lower level since, you know, I’m a 6’3’ white guy.”

Meggett: “I love baseball. I played it when I was younger. I wanted to play in college, but with time and schedules I just decided to stick with football.”

Tyler: “Basketball. I played some basketball back in high school, so I can still play a little.”

IMS: PS3 or XBOX? FIFA or Madden?

Francis: “PS3 and Madden.”

O’Brien: “PS3 because it has free online, and I’d have to go with FIFA. But NCAA [football] is my top game.”

Meggett: “XBOX. I have both, but I’d have to pick XBOX. And definitely Madden. The World Cup was a few years ago, and everyone became a FIFA fan. I’m not. I stay true to my roots.”

Tyler: “PS3 and Madden. I love Madden. I feel like I’m the best Madden player on this team.”

IMS: Did you see any movies this summer? What was your favorite?

Francis: “My favorite movie I saw this summer was “Crazy Stupid Love” with Steve Carrell. It was really funny. I went and saw it with my girlfriend. I saw a bunch of other movies, but that was the best.”

O’Brien: “I saw some good movies. “The Tourist” was great, that was probably my favorite.”

Meggett: “I saw a few. “Insidious” was pretty good, but I don’t know if that was the summer or not. “Bridesmaids” had me on my stomach. That was pretty funny.”

Tyler: “I didn’t see any good movies this summer.”

IMS: If you were the reporter, what question would you ask yourself?

Francis: “Why am I so handsome? And the answer to that question is hard work and God-given talent.”

O’Brien: “I don’t know at all. Can I call a friend? I really don’t know.”

Meggett: “Why do you do these interviews?”

Tyler: “I’d ask me how tall am I really?”

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